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Image Sensors
Characterisation and Improvement of Camera Systems  (preferably with CMOS Sensor) from the smallest Endoscope camera (Chip-on-the-Tip) up to Broadcast camera withHD-SDI Output Sensor linearity or FPN (Fix Pattern Noise) o DSNU (dark signal non-uniformity) o PRNU (photo response non-uniformity) o PRNL (photo response non-linearity) Pixel defects Cross talk (Pixel-to-Pixel) for colour sensors Reference Test images on integrating sphere LE6  < 8000 Lux Characterisation of Objectives of any sort (also Endoscope etc.) for Geometric Distortion, Lateral Chromatic Aberration, vignetting, etc. You will get results as tables or function Optionally with algorithms for correcting these Objective / Lens artefacts Characterisation from light sources, TFT- oder Plasma displays using  spectroradiometer or Display Colour Analyser. Measurements in visible and in near infra-red spectrum from LEDs, Xenon lamps, Halogen lamps, ... 
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