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Image sensors
Contracted development based on off-the-shelf and custom designed signal processing algorithms: Algorithm development for image and camera related signal-processing in C/C++ or VHDL: o Standard Camera Algorithms like Adaptive De-Bayering, Noise Reduction, Colour Correction, … o Lens correction like Chromatic Aberration etc., o Special colour processing in the colour spaces HSV, HSL, o Any kind of CMOS Image Sensor Correction (e.g. for defect pixels) o High Dynamic Range Capturing, Processing and Rendition Custom development of CMOS camera modules (with image           sensors from different manufacturers) DirectShow Filter: o Customer specific Source-, Transform-, Analyse filter e.g. Oscilloscope, Vectorscope, Histogram o Standard filter for video-processing of any type and any bit-depth e.g. Conversion of colour standards RGB, YUV422 & 444, HSV, also for a bit-depth higher than 8-bit e.g. Format-Conversions:  De-interlacing, Scaler, 3D Formats...
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