Image Sensors
We provide you a broad support for your camera design:       Contracted development [more] With off-the-shelf as well as with custom designed signal processing algorithms: o Algorithm development for image and camera related signal-processing in C/C++ or VHDL: Standard Camera Algorithms like Adaptive De-Bayering, Noise Reduction, Colour Correction, … Lens correction like Chromatic Aberration etc., Special colour processing in the colour spaces HSV, HSL, Any kind of CMOS Image Sensor Correction (e.g. for defect pixels) High Dynamic Range Capturing, Processing and Rendition o Custom development of CMOS camera modules (with image sensors from different manufacturers) Services [more] o Characterisation and improvement of camera systems o Characterisation of lenses of any type o Characterisation of light sources and displays o Measurements in visible and in near infra-red spectrum from LEDs, Xenon lamps, Halogen lamps, ... 
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Signal Processing for CMOS Imagers and High Performance Camera design
The new CMOS Image Sensor technology offers previously unknown features and highly integrated structures for your camera design.  On the other hand it demands sophisticated knowledge in sensor and camera technology, another speciality of C.R.S. iiMotion.
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