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Our Concept
The use of images, video and film is playing more and more an important role in our everyday life, enabled by new technologies in capturing, processing, and displaying of this type of media content.
OUR OFFER Our concept is based on a scalable approach around image processing ranging from isolated bricks to complete system design: Software Development: from isolated module (e.g. DirectShow Filters) up to complete Software solutions Hardware Development: from Specifications up to complete Hardware Modules Characterization and Benchmarking: from detailed Measures up to complete Test Systems & Tools Training courses on the Field of Expertise
We are working hand in hand with our customers to provide almost unique and valuable solutions to their specific business.
OUR CORE DOMAINS Display related video processing  Consumer as well as IT equipment Signal processing for CMOS Imagers and High Performance Camera Design  o Medical / Professional Broadcast / Industrial / Automotive equipment Signal processing for Post-Production  o For content owner and producer
OUR OBJECTIVES Emphasis of technology strengths Minimization of technology drawbacks Introduction of new innovative features Speed-up of product market entry Cost reduction & cost optimization Differentiation vs. competition
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