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February 2013 C.R.S. iiMotion GmbH and SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH strengthen their cooperation Denzlingen / Villingen-Schwenningen. SCHÖLLY FIBEROPTIC GMBH and C.R.S. iiMotion GmbH are pleased to announce a strategic partnership in the field of video algorithm development with focus on digital image processing. Thereby takes SCHÖLLY 27 percent of the shares of C.R.S. iiMotion. The partners intend to work together on new solutions for the digital imaging of endoscopic visualization systems and therefore use the strengths and technologies of both companies. Another aim of the partnership is to increase the speed of innovation and to provide high quality products with individual characteristics to the rapidly evolving market of endoscopic visualization systems. Thereby the competitiveness on the global market will be further increased.
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July 2013 Article in FKTG Edition: “Fachzeitschrift für Fernsehen, Film und Medien” Frauen in Medien Berufen: “Digitale Restauration von stark zerstörtem Filmmaterial”
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