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Characterisation and Improvement of Display  Displays from diverse manufacturers have different characteristics and behaviors, which can have various and severe impacts for given applications. Collecting and investigating these characteristics requires new measurement methods. Especially in the field of 3D, there is a lack of standardized  processes to qualify and quantify the quality of displays and their 3D rendition. We have developed a large range of test images and measurement procedures, which can be used either for comparing displays from different manufacturers or displays based on different technologies. Characterisation of any type of 3D-Glasses  Current 3D Displays are using specific glasses to enable the correct displaying of each stereo- image on the correct viewer’s eye. This can be either active or passive glasses. Active glasses must be synchronized with the Display. Nowadays, each manufacturer is using its own technology (IR, Bluetooth,...) with specific transmission protocol. On the other side more and more so-called universal glasses are appearing, which should be compatible with all manufacturers. For both cases (active oder passive), the quality of the glasses has a significant impact on the whole 3D quality perceived by the viewer. Here also, we have developed extensive test and measurement procedures that enable a precise qualification and estimation of the quality either from the glasses alone or from the complete system including glasses, transmission protocol and display.
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