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Contracted development based on off-the-shelf and custom designed signal processing algorithms: Algorithm Development for Image and Display Processing in C/C++ or as Hardware Specification: o Motion processing for smooth motion rendition of fast moving video o Enabling the display of 3D programming in flat displays (With or without glasses) Reduction of ghost-images (crosstalk) Correction of 3D signal artefacts (Geometry, Time-Parallax, Synchronization...) o Handling of wide colour gamut and high dynamic range video content o Development of special new video processing technologies required for optimizing the display of moving images in emerging new display technologies like OLED,  pico-displays and laser front- projectors. DirectShow Filter: o Customer specific Source-, Transform-, Analyse filter (e.g. Oscilloscope, Vectorscope, Histogram) o Standard filter for video-processing of any type and any bit-depth e.g. Conversion of colour standards RGB, YUV422 etc. e.g. Format-Conversions:  De-interlacing, Scaler, 3D Formats...
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