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Display Technology
Recent developments in flat display technology have revolutionized the display of moving images, making HDTV affordable to the general public. These technologies are competing for a multitude of new video applications in terms of price, image quality, power consumption, portability, and flexibility in size and thickness.
Solutions for your Display Technology
We provide extensive display signal processing know-how, helping you to optimize your display technology to your needs:    Motion processing for smooth motion rendition of fast moving video Enabling the display of 3D programming in flat displays Handling of wide colour gamut and high dynamic range video content Development of special new video processing technologies required for optimizing the display of moving images in emerging new display technologies like OLED,  pico-displays and laser front-projectors. We provide you a broad support for your display design: Customer specific contracted development [more] o Algorithm Development for Image and Display Processing in C/C++ or as Hardware Specification Services [more] o Characterisation and Improvement of Display (Reaction time, Crosstalk...) o Characterisation of any type of 3D-Displays and 3D-Glasses
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